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Seven Courses are available in this institution with 3 year duration.


Full fledged infrastructure with all facilities are available.

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BSc Allied Health Science program is a 3 year graduate program. Allied health science program is a newly established concept in healthcare system and constitutes to be a separate stream office professionals contributing to healthcare. Allied health science professionals are an integral part of medical team along with doctors contributing their expertise’s in preventive curative rehabilitative care of patients. The course provide broad base in global national healthcare issues trends ethical legal issues health promotion and disease prevention Evidence based practice.

It is your excellent apt selection to study at Shri Indra Ganesan Institute of Medical Science School of Allied Health science which is one of the esteemed self financing co-educational academic institutions dedicated to provide quality customize educational program  in India for professional and personal lives launched in 2018 under the aegis of Indra Ganesan Educational and Charitable Trust. 

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Continuous evaluation through practice
Increased Tie ups with hospitals
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